TV Viewer
Turn your capture card into a PCTV card to watch TV on your PC

Usages of TV Viewer

On this page I like to keep track of the different usages that TV Viewer can be used for. Would you like to share yours? Mail me (and if possible, send pictures)!

  • Watch TV on a computer monitor
  • Play computer games (PlayStation 2) on a monitor
  • Use a webcam as a full screen mirror and check make-up ;)
  • Use a netbook as a storage server, and use the display to show the TV-out of an amplifier (change settings, internet radio, etc.)
    TV Viewer being used to show the amplifier video output on a netbook
  • Use a webcam as a rear-view camera on an RV

Customer Testimonials

  • I just purchased the TV-Viewer for monitoring an experiment with a videocamera (using Pinnacle Movie Box DV) on the same laptop on which the data acquisition software runs . It worked perfectly well. Then checked my camcorder via firewire. I got the same good results using the laptop as TV. Both audio and video were immediately available. I really was surprised.
    A great tool for a very reasonable price! Thanks for your work.
    Dr. Wolfgang S., Goettingen, Germany




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