TV Viewer
Turn your capture card into a PCTV card to watch TV on your PC

Supported Cards

Known supported cards:

  • Adaptec AVC1200 Albatron Ti4280PV
  • AOpen Ti4200 AGP 8x Askey Tview 99 (Unable to switch channels)
  • ASUS GE-Force 4 4800TI ASUS V6600 Deluxe (nVidia WDM Driver and ASUS Capture Driver)
  • ASUS V7700 Deluxe (Nvidia GTS 2)
  • ASUS V8200 (Geforce 3)
  • ATI All-In-Wonder Pro TV (No audio)
  • ATI HDTV Wonder tuner (No audio)
  • ATI TV Wonder VE and Elite (No audio)
  • AverDVD EzMaker WDM Capture Card (PCI)
  • Avermedia DVD ESMaker USB 2.0
  • Avermedia EZMaker PCI
  • Belkin USB VideoBus II
  • Chaintech Apogee FX5600 Ultra VIVO
  • Conexant capture card (ADVE-9011H capture card)
  • ConvertX AV 100U A/V (Video only)
  • DataVideo DAC-100
  • Dazzle Series Capture Devices
  • Dell co-branded Emuzed Atlantis-I PCI
  • ELSA Geforce 2 GTS with VideoModule (Standard WDM drivers. Apparently also works under XP eventhough drivers state otherwise)
  • eVGA GeForce4 Ti4200
  • Gainward Dualhead VIVO
  • Gainward Geforce 2TI/500 XP
  • Gainward Geforce 4 Powerpack! Ultra 750XP VIVO DVI
  • Gainward Ti4600 Geforce4 (750XP Golden Sample)
  • Geforce 4 MX460
  • Geforce FX5200 VTD128
  • Guillemot Maxi Cougar Video Editon
  • Hauppauge WinTv PCI
  • Hauppauge WinTv USB (Connect line-out from USB to soundcard)
  • Hercules Thriller with video in (1.52 drivers)
  • Intel Create And Share CS431 Webcam(auxiliary input plug)
  • Iomega Buz (1.3 drivers)
  • Leadtek Winfast 2000 Expert
  • Logitech Quick Cam
  • Matrox Marvel G400 TV
  • Miro Video DC1 (2.06 drivers)
  • MiroVideo DC30 Series (1.41a drivers)
  • MSI G3 Pro-VT64D
  • MSI Geforce 4 TI4200
  • MSI Geforce 4 TI4400
  • MSI Geforce 4 TI4600
  • MSI Geforce 4 TI4800 SE 8x
  • MSI Geforce 440 MX
  • MSI GeForceFX 5200 VTD128
  • MSI GeForceFX 5900XT VTD 128
  • MSI TV @nywhere Osprey 100
  • Mygica EzGrabber2 (Video only)
  • Phoebemicro TV Master + FM card
  • Pinnacle Movie Box DV
  • Pinnacle Studio DC10+ (1.06 drivers under Windows 9x, for XP support see the FAQ)
  • Pinnacle Studio version 9 AV/DV
  • Pinnacle 500-USB capture device (Tested on Vista 64bit)
  • Roxio Creator 2011 Special Edition with Video Capture Device
  • Trust Webcam 14823
  • VisionTek Geforce4 Ti4600
  • Winnov Video Capture Card (ISA)
  • A laptop with a S3 Virge MX+, BT829 Chipset (S3 Live Video Capture VFW Driver)

Known unsupported cards:

  • Dazzle DVC-170
  • Medion 7133 TV Tuner
  • Pinnacle DV500
  • Pinnacle Studio 400

Note: Supported and unsupported cards are based on user reports. Please try the shareware version before purchasing the software.

If you know whether this program works (or doesn't) with other capture boards, mail me please.



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