TV Viewer
Turn your capture card into a PCTV card to watch TV on your PC

About TV Viewer

Version 3.1 has been released.

Finally you can watch TV or other video sources (Capture cards, webcams, etc.) and view them full screen on your computer monitor.

To watch TV, you must use your VCR as tuner, and connect the video-out of your VCR with your capture card. You can also connect other devices that have a video out connector. Input connection diagram of the TV Viewer program

Key features:

  • Watch fullscreen or in a window, which can be stretched to any size
  • Disables Screensavers etc.
  • Can stay 'Always on Top'
  • Shrink toolbars to minimize the waste of desktop space
  • Easy to use Automatic mute/unmute of audio input
  • Volume adjustment via menu and keyboard
  • Small memory and CPU usage
  • Supports WDM and VfW based capture devices, Webcams and other video source devices.

Screenshot of the TV Viewer program



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